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Our member benefits are one of the many ways we live our promise of being a different kind of life insurance company. BetterLife’s exclusive, free member benefits provide additional protection and opportunities for you and the people you love. If you have a life insurance policy or annuity with BetterLife, you are also entitled to these value-added benefits.

Member Benefits are non-contractual and can change at any time. Members must apply to receive benefits. All decisions regarding the eligibility of these benefits are at the sole discretion of BetterLife.


Members in Action

The Members In Action program helps kick-start a member led service project or fundraiser by helping offset the costs of supplies and materials that members need to make their project a success. All members of BetterLife may apply as long as they are an active organizer of the event and bring a team of volunteers together to accomplish the project.

Getting started is easy:

  • Choose a project: A fundraising or service project for the community, a nonprofit, or an individual.
  • Fill out the Members In Action application a minimum 30 days prior to your project date.
  • Receive your customized Members in Action Resource Kit, which could include a leader t-shirt, banner, stickers, and a Kick-Start Card credit card to be used for project expenses, not to be used as a donation or to purchase alcohol, firearms, or ammunition. This card works like a credit card. It will decline for purchases greater than your funding amount.
  • Once your project is completed, fill out the Members in Action Report to share your team’s success and photos, while also ensuring you are eligible to submit future applications.

Click here to apply for the BetterLife Members in Action Benefit.

Click here to report your past Members in Action project success.

Click here to submit photos and sign-in sheets from your recent Members in Action project.

Family Benefit

The Family Benefit provides up to ten $1,000 awards per year to BetterLife members for costs associated with senior care, child care, extracurricular activities, family emergencies, or unexpected living costs.

  • BetterLife will provide $1,000 awards for costs associated with senior care, child care, extracurricular activities, family emergencies, or unexpected living costs.
  • Members may apply each year from January 1 through June 1 for this benefit.
  • BetterLife will award ten members a benefit of up to $1,000 for a total of $10,000 annually.
  • A third-party judge will determine the recipients of the benefit.

Click here to apply for the BetterLife Family Benefit.

Newborn Benefit

Designed to provide the parent with insurance at the standard rate for a newborn child who may not be insurable otherwise.

  • Provides $5,000 of permanent life insurance coverage for newborn regardless of insurability.
  • Application must be submitted before the 61st day after birth. Coverage starts on the 61st day after birth.
  • Permanent benefit is $10,000 if both parents are members at least 90 days prior to birth.
  • Qualified members can also receive a $5,000 death benefit for a child if death occurs on or before the 60th day of birth.

Click here to apply for the BetterLife Newborn Benefit. 

Orphan Income Benefit

BetterLife supports member children and children of members who lose both parents by providing a monthly allowance to the child’s guardian. The benefit may also include money for college.

  • Monthly allowance provided to orphan of $250 up to age 19.
  • Child member or child of member can receive the benefit.
  • Scholarship benefit annual max is $3,000 for all schools, up to four years maximum.

Click here to apply for the BetterLife Orphan Income Benefit.

Disaster Relief Benefit

The Disaster Relief Benefit is designed to assist members who have been affected by a disaster to help them get back on their feet. A benefit of up to $1,500 will be paid to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Benefit amount of up to $1,500 for out-of-pocket expenses for their primary residence, not covered by an insurer or relief agency.
  • May be eligible due to natural disasters including, flood, hurricane, earthquake or tornado, or a total loss of structure due to fire or wind or other disasters as designated by the state or federal government.
  • Lifetime cap of one benefit per member.

Click here to apply for the BetterLife Disaster Relief Benefit.

Health Benefit

A grant of up to $1,500 will be provided to a member for out-of-pocket expenses for serious illness.

  • Focus on paying costs attributed to getting treatment.
  • Applications must be received within one year from onset of serious illness.
  • Only covers out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Members can apply once per year.

Click here to apply for the BetterLife Health Benefit.

National Member Scholarships

Up to a total of $68,000 in scholarships will be paid to members pursuing higher education. The new program will award the following scholarships:

  • One $5,000 Annual Bradley Family Scholarship awarded to a worthy BetterLife student and donated by Board Director, Mary Bradley, and her family.
  • One $4,000 Presidential High School Scholarship awarded to one high school senior with outstanding volunteer service.
  • Three $2,000 Leadership Scholarships awarded to outstanding members.
  • (53) $1,000 Annual Scholarships awarded to deserving BetterLife members
  • Each member may receive up to two national scholarships for their education.
  • Applicant must be a member in good standing for two years prior to the application deadline.

Check out our scholarship guidelines and application here

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening provides valuable health screenings to detect the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease at a special rate for our members.

  • Four vital screenings are included for $129: Carotid Artery Ultrasound, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Heart Rhythm (Atrial Fibrillation), and Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening.
  • Osteoporosis Screening is available for an additional $10.

If you have questions about our Member Benefits or would like to apply to receive a benefit, please contact the BetterLife Member Engagement Team at