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Life Protector Whole Life

Guaranteed, lifelong protection that costs less.

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Affordable, guaranteed protection.

Lifetime protection doesn’t have to be expensive. BetterLife’s Life Protector Whole Life insurance offers permanent, lifetime coverage at a budget-friendly price. Prepare for the future with this affordable plan full of guarantees.

Lifetime Coverage

As long as you maintain your policy, your coverage lasts for your entire life. You can feel confident that your life insurance will be there to help your loved ones with your final expense needs.

Guaranteed Cash Value

Our Life Protector coverage guarantees a cash value that grows over time. Access the cash value for any reason and at any time your policy has a loanable value.*

Affordable Premiums

When you purchase our Life Protector Insurance, you receive a budget friendly rate that will never change as long as you maintain your policy.

Income Tax-Free** Death Benefit

When the time comes, your beneficiaries will receive a death benefit that is not subject to income taxes to help pay for final expenses and any other costs.

*Policy loans provide access to your cash value. Loans and unpaid interest reduce the death benefit. If a loan exceeds the surrender value of a policy, the policy will terminate. **According to tax laws IRC Sections 101 & 7702.

Is Life Protector Right For Me?

  • Permanent, lifetime coverage
  • Affordable, level premiums – a lower cost than most whole life options
  • Guaranteed death benefit for your loved ones
  • Guaranteed cash value
  • A variety of riders can be added for extra protection
  • Choose from several different payment options, including annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly
  • Available to people between the ages of 0-85
  • Policies available from $25,000 and up

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