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Whole Life Insurance

Permanent protection that is designed to always be there for you and your loved ones.

Guaranteed, Lifelong Protection

Our whole life insurance solutions help you live life to the fullest while knowing you have provided a financial safety net for you and your family. Unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance has a cash value and is designed to last for your entire lifetime.

Income Tax-Free* Death Benefit

When the time comes, your beneficiaries will receive an income tax-free death benefit for your policy, which can provide essential financial support for your loved ones.

Guaranteed Premiums

Your rate will never change for as long as you maintain your policy. Life insurance premiums increase as you grow older, so we recommend you purchase a policy now to get the most affordable rate possible.


Our whole life insurance policies are eligible to earn dividends, which are based on BetterLife’s financial success. Dividends can be received in the form of cash or used in other ways.

Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of BetterLife. *According to current tax laws, IRC Sections 101 & 7702.**Dividends are not guaranteed.

Whole Life Insurance Options

We offer three whole life insurance options so you can choose how and when you pay for your policy. These policies are available to people ages 0-85, except for our Limited Pay policies (see below). Select the solution that best helps you meet your financial goals. Click the blue text to learn more.

Level Premium Whole Life

  • Premiums are established at issue age and are guaranteed to never increase as long as you maintain your policy
  • Premiums are paid for your lifetime
  • Provides lower premiums than Limited Pay Whole Life & Single Premium Whole Life
  • Insurance coverage continues for your entire life
  • Policies available from $25,000 – 100,000+


Limited Pay Whole Life

  • Limit premium payments to a 10 or 20-year time period
  • 10 Pay policy available to people ages 0-75
  • 20 Pay policy available to people ages 0-65
  • Insurance coverage continues for your entire life
  • Policies available from $25,000 – 100,000+


Single Premium Whole Life

  • Purchase Whole Life Insurance by making a single premium payment
  • Policy remains in place for your entire life
  • Policies available from $25,000 – 100,000+


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We also provide term life insurance and universal life insurance solutions. If you’re not sure how much life insurance you need, our life insurance calculator will help you to determine the correct amount.

If you would like to learn more about our life insurance solutions, contact one of our Insurance Agents today!

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