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Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

Qualify for whole life insurance without answering medical questions or taking a medical exam.

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Coverage Guaranteed

Imperfect health doesn’t have to stand between you and permanent life insurance coverage. Our Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy offers life-long protection that is purchased with a single payment, no medical exam or health questions required.

Coverage with One Payment

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life provides permanent coverage with just one payment.

No Medical Exam Needed

Receive permanent coverage regardless of health conditions, no medical exam needed.

BetterLife Member Benefits

Receive access to all BetterLife Member Benefits, which are available to you at no charge.

BetterLife Funeral Expense Trust

BetterLife’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life can pair with our Funeral Expense Trust to allow maximum flexibility for you and your loved ones when paying your final expenses. It can also help ensure the death benefit proceeds are used for the correct purposes and provide additional benefits. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is ideal for:

Seniors And People With Sub-Standard Health

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life offers policies for ages 40-90 with no medical exam required, making it an excellent option for seniors and those with health conditions.

Final Expense Planning

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life is ideal for those looking to fund final expense needs. The guaranteed death benefit can be used for burial or funeral expenses, plus other often-overlooked costs, such as medical bills or even credit card debt.

Our Guaranteed Issue Whole Life solution offers:



  • Policies available from $2,000 to $25,000
  • Available to people ages 40-90
  • Lifetime, permanent protection with a tax-free* death benefit
  • Guaranteed cash value
  • Eligible to earn dividends**
  • 100% of face value paid if death occurs from an accident or natural causes after the policy has been issued***



  • Lifetime coverage with a single premium payment


Options & Extra Benefits


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BetterLife also offers Simplified Issue Whole Life and Graded Benefit Whole Life.

*According to current tax laws, IRC Sections 101 & 7702. **Dividends are not guaranteed. ***Subject to suicide provision. Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of BetterLife.

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